Green River Techies is a photo project that showcases software development students in the Pacific Northwest. It derives inspiration from a gorgeous website from the mind of Helena Price designed to spotlight workers underrepresented in the tech sector — with a twist.

While depicts employees in Silicon Valley, Green River Techies spotlights those pursuing a bachelor’s degree in software development at Green River College, a mid-sized community college at the heart of Seattle-Tacoma and Time’s #1 most diversified college of 2015.

Our bachelor’s in software development is home to traditional students, transitioning Veterans, international students, and career changers alike. Green River Techies now provides a beautiful way to celebrate their work.

This project also sheds light on the role public community colleges play in expanding the tech talent pipeline or companies in Seattle-Tacoma. By entering the four-year degree space, Green River presents a compelling solution for helping regional tech diversify its workforce.

Special thanks goes to our photographer, Karl, and to three special students, Jacob, Angelo, and Dmitriy, who translated a vision for Green River Techies into working software as part of class project in IT 355 Agile Development Methods.

Let us know what you think. If this project strikes a chord, give it a share so others can discover our students, too.